So a long time has passed since my last post. How does that happen? As many of you know, I have been doing Pop-Up Dinners for quite some time now at my commercial kitchen under the name To Go at The Castle, since my kitchen is nestled in the old hotel building, known as: The Castle. Until I get my act together and get a separate page on this website labelled To Go at The Castle goings on/menus, I will post here!

For many months, I have been doing Friday Night Pop-Ups, but with the current concerns about Coronavirus (COVID-19), I am extending my Pop-Ups to Thu-Sat to help feed my local community. The food themes have included comfort, mac n’ cheese mania, soup sensation, chili for a chilly night and most recently Thai, as there are no local Thai restaurants. Thai has been very successful and I plan to offer it most days. However, tonight AND tomorrow night, I am offering Chinese food. Kind of crazy to be offering Chinese food right now, when our President holds press conferences to discuss the ‘Chinese Virus.’  Oy!

March 20-21, 2020 5pm-7pm

Miso Soup $6

Vegetable Fried Rice $8

Chicken Fried Rice $10

Garlic Broccoli $8

Beef and Broccoli with White Rice $14

Orange Chicken with White Rice $12

Call or text ahead (805) 403-9649

Pick-up at 1210 Mission Drive, Unit 110 in Solvang (Next to Hope Thrift Store)

Delivery graciously available through Solvang Taxi (805) 686-8294 or

Take care, stay safe and healthy…6 feet away!