As a business offering an ‘essential service,’ I have been honored and pleased to offer food for SIP (Shelter In Place) and self-quarantining persons, but wonder if I should shut this down and SIP, myself. Until ordered to do so, I will continue to offer food to-go as well as delivery, when available.

This weekend: 4/3-4/4/2020 5pm-7pm

Vegetable Spring Rolls (3) $6

Vegetable Pad Thai $12

Chicken Pad Thai $14

New York Cheesecake $8

I hope to have broccoli, mushrooms and boy choy for a veggie stir fry $6, but this is not on the formal menu.

Menu is also posted on Facebook, Instagram and the Open4Biz page on KCET/KCOY websites.

I do send out a weekly email as well, so please contact me if you’d like to be added.

Take care, stay healthy and safe and please reach out if you have family, friends, neighbors or coworkers who need food delivered. I’m offering meal preparation, mommy meals and bone broths during this time. Healthy, organic, local and fresh foods to keep you warm and safe. To keep your respiratory system healthy, warm foods are encouraged by CDC, doctors, nurses and other healthcare experts. Bone broth certainly offers many, many benefits.

Thank you for your support and stay safe.