As You Requested…Ramen Pop-Up 4/24-4/25/2020

Many of you have been asking me to make ramen and I thank you for trusting that I CAN make ramen! So, this Friday and Saturday 4/24-4/25, I will be offering two versions of ramen as well as my New York Cheesecake. I have asked a few chef friends to offer some of their wares: Marcie's Pies and The Cookie Vixen will be offering a few of their selections as well. Desserts are available 2pm-7pm [...]

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SIP 4/17-4/18/2020 Working on new ideas and menus!

Hello from home! I have been working non-stop for several weeks (months), and decided to take a break and take care of me, my house and my fur babies. But, you know it's hard for me to be idle, so! I am reaching out to other chefs and working on new menus, ideas, opportunities and what's available to YOU via To Go at The Castle. I will be posting the menu for next week, new [...]

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Satay is Back! This weeks menu 4/10-4/11/2020

Thank you to all who continue to support To Go at The Castle and my weekly pop-ups. The chicken satay has been requested over and over again so, it is back on the menu. Check it out! Chicken Noodle Soup: $10 Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce and Cucumber Relish: $10 Veggie Fried Rice: $8 Chicken Fried Rice: $10 Asian Marinated Flank Steak with Sweet Slaw and Rice: $14 New York Cheesecake (Graham and Walnut Crust [...]

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Pad Thai Is Back! 4/3-4/4/2020

As a business offering an 'essential service,' I have been honored and pleased to offer food for SIP (Shelter In Place) and self-quarantining persons, but wonder if I should shut this down and SIP, myself. Until ordered to do so, I will continue to offer food to-go as well as delivery, when available. This weekend: 4/3-4/4/2020 5pm-7pm Vegetable Spring Rolls (3) $6 Vegetable Pad Thai $12 Chicken Pad Thai $14 New York Cheesecake $8 I [...]

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Thai Pop-Up Update

Gearing up for tonight's pop-up. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any pork shoulder, so there will be NO Pork Satay, but everything else is on the menu! Hope to see you tonight, tomorrow night and/or Saturday! @To Go at The Castle 1210 Mission Drive Unit 110 Solvang, CA 93463 Text or Call your Order To: 805.403.9649

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Thai Pop-Up March 26-28, 2020

We are certainly living through a very difficult and scary time. I feel very fortunate that I am able to offer a service that allows me to keep creating, working and helping (not to mention, leaving my home)! I hope you are all doing well, maintaining a safe 6' distance, remaining healthy and washing your hands. And for those of you who are local, I hope you will order some delicious food for you, your [...]

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To Go at The Castle Pop-Ups

So a long time has passed since my last post. How does that happen? As many of you know, I have been doing Pop-Up Dinners for quite some time now at my commercial kitchen under the name To Go at The Castle, since my kitchen is nestled in the old hotel building, known as: The Castle. Until I get my act together and get a separate page on this website labelled To Go at The [...]

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Roasted Veggies in Alfredo Sauce on Fettuccine

Some dear friends were on a road trip from Seattle to Santa Barbara and I was delighted to be on their list of stops. Always an excuse to fire up the grill, open some wine and catch up. We had an amazing dinner of grilled tri-tip and shrimp, roasted vegetables and garlic bread. Yes, we did raid The Ark and enjoyed some fabulous wines. I thank you, my beloved friends, for indulging, sharing and including [...]

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Beef Bone Broth Take II

You all know I am a firm believer in beef bone broth, which is really stock, since broth is made from meat and stock from bone. But Beef Bone Broth, Triple B or BBB just rolls so well! I make a lot of stock for my catering and private clients as well as myself. Recently, I made some adjustments to the stock I make for myself, as I like spice. I just made a double [...]

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Classic Ceviche a la Chef Louise y Chef Bernardo

So, we last met over Tropical Ceviche, before my new commercial kitchen ramblings! Any thoughts? Did you try making it? Ceviche is very easy to make, not much to do other than shop for fresh ingredients, chop, wait and serve. The following is very simple to make. So Classic Shrimp Ceviche is actually easier than the Tropical (less ingredients): This makes about 8 servings as 'soup' or a great amount as an appetizer served with [...]

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