a 2024 cheesecake calendar

Happy Autumn! I wanted to tell you about a fun project my friend Reece and I have concocted.

We started to write a cozy mystery series called The Cheesecake Lady Mysteries (since I’m The Cheesecake Lady) and the first book was “Dead Men Don’t Say Cheesecake,” about a calendar photo shoot gone wrong (deadly ingredients!)

Then we realized that the story’s calendar, The Twelve Cheesecakes of Christmas, set in a Christmassy town, would be fun to do in and of itself.

So we came up with 12 cheesecakes with Christmassy names like Santa’s Milk and Cookies, I created recipes for each and made them and then we did a photo shoot (no murder involved!) in settings around Solvang – which you may know is where Hallmark filmed a Christmas movie called “A Very Charming Christmas Town.”

So now we have a beautiful delicious-looking wall calendar and we are selling it!