Chef Louise here. So, I promised myself that I would start blogging in 2018. I was shooting for January 1st…or 2nd. But January flew by and so did February, apparently! Here we are near the beginning of March and I am just now getting started. I am new at blogging and sharing what’s in my head. Oh no! You may not want to know. However, my brain is mostly filled with food: ideas and creating amazing recipes, menus and delighting my clients.

It is really an exciting time for Louise’s Kitchen Table (LKT), as we are securing our own commercial kitchen with all the equipment to make incredible food for all of our programs. Maybe you didn’t know but I started this business in 2004 and have been waiting for my own kitchen to provide the perfect opportunity in creating, enhancing and offering my many food programs.

Knowing this, my team and I hope to bring you fun and exciting content, recipes, how-to videos and our schedule of where we will be for you to sample our delicious food. I encourage you to sign up to our mailing list so you are never out of the loop. Follow LKT on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for discounts, Gift Certificates, and the possibility to have Chef Louise and her crew cook for YOU and your friends, family or guests this summer.

Thank you and I look forward to providing you with fun, exciting and rather amusing writings about food.


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