I’m not sure if you are all aware, but I have become the proud lease holder of my own commercial kitchen. I have used various kitchen over the years, including those belonging to restaurants, bakeries, B and B’ and museums, to name a few. It has been, well, an uphill battle and I can see the sun above the fog, but I am just not quite there. A lot of work lies ahead. BUT… I soon hope to offer so much.

I wrote that first paragraph on April 18th, which was FIVE months after signing the lease. Not much happened until that point, but now…so much has happened. YES! I have my own commercial kitchen, which I have been cleaning and cleaning, and did I mention cleaning? Passed the mandatory Santa Barbara County Health Department inspection. Yay! Now just finishing cleaning and some more cleaning and getting everything organized to start cooking! It is an inspiring space for myself and other chefs and I am excited about creating wonderful and amazing new food, along with my already established menu of appetizers, lunches, dinners and desserts.

Stay tuned for updates!

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