I'm not sure if you are all aware, but I have become the proud lease holder of my own commercial kitchen. I have used various kitchen over the years, including those belonging to restaurants, bakeries, B and B' and museums, to name a few. It has been, well, an uphill battle and I can see the sun above the fog, but I am just not quite there. A lot of work lies ahead. BUT... I [...]

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Tropical Ceviche a la Chef Louise y Chef Bernardo

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent a fabulous almost week in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and had the enormous privilege and pleasure of meeting, talking with and watching the work of Chef Bernardo of Villa Aqua. With my sisters affinity, love and almost contagious obsession with fish, she asked for fish, fish and more fish - it was her birthday, after all - and we made her make dining decisions.  Ceviche was [...]

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Mexican Flair

I've had the most incredible, almost full week, in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. A fantastic family vacation, celebrating a milestone birthday. Such a pleasure to be part of this special event, spending time with family and relaxing, not to mention enjoying our own private chef offering his unique and regional take on familiar dishes. Lounging by the pool each day, soaking up the sun while catching up with the ever fast-moving lives of loved ones, [...]

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Bone Broth

I know you have been down the grocery store aisle that displays "soups" as part of the contents of that row of endless foods.  As you look through the multitude of cans of chicken noodle soup, chicken and rice soup, turkey, turkey noodle, turkey and rice, vegetable, beef barley, hamburger, tomato, tomato and rice...and then the stocks/broths, which include low-sodium, fat-free beef, chicken, vegetable stock or broth, WHAT do you choose?  Most canned soups contain [...]

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Chef Louise here. So, I promised myself that I would start blogging in 2018. I was shooting for January 1st...or 2nd. But January flew by and so did February, apparently! Here we are near the beginning of March and I am just now getting started. I am new at blogging and sharing what's in my head. Oh no! You may not want to know. However, my brain is mostly filled with food: ideas and creating [...]

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